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Recreational 2021

Due to Covid issues several teams have withdrawn and we have had to place teams into two Rec groups  All teams will reach a SF with the opportunity to win a trophy.

Rec Level 1 – Group of 9  play RR, Split into Cup, Trophy and Medal – 3 per event

  1. Bolts
  2. Blitz
  3. Bulldogs
  4. Demons
  5. Golden Sombreros
  6. Maidenhead Royals
  7. Sons of Pitches
  8. Southport Seagulls
  9. Thundercats

Rec Level 2 – Group of 8 RR, split into Plate and Spoon SF, F

  1. AJ’s
  2. Bristol BAM
  3. Burns Batters
  4. Fockers
  5. Marauders
  6. MK Diamonds
  7. Raiders
  8. Vandals

Competitive 2021

8 Team RR, Top 4 into FB30 Cup, Bottom 4 into FB30 Trophy. All teams will reach a SF with the opportunity to win a trophy.

Results and tables here

  1. Hairy Coos
  2. Honey Badgers
  3. Jammie Dodgers
  4. KK’s
  5. Mavericks
  6. Spittin’ Camels
  7. Storks
  8. Travelling Dodgers

2021 28/29th Aug Festiball – 30th Anniversary

Due to Covid-19 we have sadly decided after consultation with the venue and watching goverment strategy for the near future the 30th celebrations have been moved to 2021.

There are now a couple places available for teams who may not have got their entry in on time in 2020. Please contact us if you would like a place.

32 places – 8 Comp – 8 Intermediate – 16 Recreational

2019 Winners

Travelling Dodgers win Grand Final at sweltering Edinburgh Festiball

Tue 27 Aug 2019

The 29th Edinburgh Festival was played over an extremely hot Bank Holiday weekend on 24-25 August at Peffermill Playing Fields under the towering Arthur’s Seat.

The tournament is split into three levels, and this year eight teams played at Competitive level, eight teams at Intermediate level and 12 teams at Recreational level.

The Grand Final, played as always in front of a large crowd, was won by the Travelling Dodgers, this year’s NSL1 league winners, who defeated the Manchester Mavericks by a score of 23-14.

Here are the full results:


Cup Winner:  Travelling Dodgers (UK)
Cup Runner-up:  Mavericks (Manchester)
Final:  Travelling Dodgers 23, Mavericks 14
MVPs:  Jade Shaw and Justin Maddis (Travelling Dodgers)

Plate Winner:  Honey Badgers (Glasgow)
Plate Runner-up:  Bombers (Liverpool/Manchester)
Final:  Honey Badgers 17, Bombers 3
MVPs:  Deb Wilson and Tyler Spence (Honey Badgers)


Blackford Cup Winner:  Misfits (East Midlands)
Blackford Cup Runner-up:  Sharks (Liverpool)
Final:  Misfits 21, Sharks 4
MVPs:  Katie Jessop and Nicholas Kaczmierczag (Misfits)
Both these teams had stepped up a level from the previous season.

Blackford Plate Winner:  Dazzlers (London)
Blackford Plate Runner-up:  Camels (Manchester)
Final:  Dazzlers 10, Camels 7
MVPs: Suzi Hall and Herling Alvarez (Dazzlers)


Calton Cup Winner:  Gladiators (Jersey)
Calton Cup Runner-up:  Maidenhead Royals (Windsor)
Final:  Gladiators 4, Maidenhead Royals 3
MVPs:  Liz Warner (Maidenhead Royals) and Mat Satchell (Gladiators)

Calton Trophy Winner:  Soft Boiled (London)
Calton Trophy Runner-up:  Beavers (London)
Final:  Soft Boiled 22, Beavers 4
MVPs:  Fiona Shannon (Soft Boiled) and Matt Delima (Beavers)

Calton Plate Winner:  Lucky Strikes (Bristol)
Calton Plate Runner-up:  Fockers (Glasgow)
Final:  Lucky Strikes 13, Fockers 9
MVPs:  Anna Sehn (Fockers) and Tom Russell (Lucky Strikes)


The Grand Final at the tournament between the Travelling Dodgers and Manchester was live-streamed and can be seen here.

2019 Festiball


Still beneath the towering Arthur’s Seat, the Festiball has finally rested at Peffermill Playing Fields.

No team has really dominated the Festiball so this tournament really is up for grabs – Played over the August Bank Holiday and

right in the middle of the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe, many teams visit our beautiful city and fit in a few of the Festival shows…a word of advice, book your accommodation early!!!

Also book your place in the Festiball early. The popularity of the tournament means early entry is advised. The Edinburgh Festiball is an Adult Slowpitch Co-ed Tournament, with varying standards, now divided into 3 individual Competitions. We are sure you will enjoy your visit and your Softball

We hope that you and your team have a great time at the Edinburgh Festiball. Maps, History and all the latest info can be found right here, including links to that much needed accommodation…

Festiball Ethos is to give teams

  • minimum 8 games
  • play as many different opponents from other regions as possible
  • make every game meaningful
  • play as long as possible before knockout stages usually early Sunday afternoon
  • Depending on numbers/scheduling possibilities  get everyone into a SF
  • Give 50% of the entries a prize

2018 Winners

MI6 capture top title at Edinburgh for the second straight year

Twenty-eight teams contested the 2018 Edinburgh Festiball Tournament over the weekend of 25-26 August, with MI6 from London winning the top title for the second year in a row with a 7-1 win over the Manchester Lions in the Grand Final.

The game was a repeat of last year’s final, and the unfortunate Lions have now been the losers in the last three Grand Finals at the tournament.

On Saturday, the weather was warm and sunny, but there was rain on Sunday morning and though Sunday afternoon turned dry, it also turned cold.

Comp Division

Pentlands Cup
MI6 7, Manchester Lions 1
MVPs:  Natalie Woolley & Chris Kerstetter (MI6)

Pentlands Plate
Glasgow Hairy Coos 19, Manchester Mavericks 15
MVPs:  Megan Watson & Josh Hahn (Coos)

Pentlands Spoon
Bristol Bees 15, Bristol Monkeys 6
MVPs: Cerri McGuinness & Joe Golightly (Bees)

Rec Division

Braids Cup
Sefton Vikings 23, Sefton Sharks 8
MVPs: Julie Lott & Ray Bennett (Vikings)

Braids Plate
MK Diamonds 9, Bristol Lucky Strikes 4
MVPs: Kat Peters & Nigel Peters (Diamonds)

Calton Cup
Edinburgh Inglorious Batters 12, GLSML Game of Throws 6
MVPs:  Nicole Bancroft & Craig Hamnett (Inglorious Batters)

Calton Plate
Glasgow Fockers 19, Bristol BAM 3
MVPs:  Anna Sehn & Dean McLelland (Fockers)

2017 Winners

MI6 captures the top trophy at the 2017 Edinburgh Festiball

The 2017 Edinburgh Festiball drew 28 teams from around the country up to Scotland on the weekend of 26-27 August, where they faced the usual Bank Holiday mix of sunshine, clouds and a couple of Saturday showers at the Peffermill Playing Fields.

As usual, the tournament broke down into multiple groups after initial Comp and Rec round-robins, with a total of 14 trophies on offer for winners and runners-up.

Comp 1 Upper (Fleming Cup)
Winner — MI6 (GLMSL)
Runner-up — Lions (Manchester)
MVPs:  Duncan Waugh and Kim Robertson (MI6)

Comp 1 Lower (Bell Cup)
Winner — Hairy Coos (Glasgow)
Runner-up — KK’s (Windsor)
MVPs:  Jenny Helgit and Tristan Gibbons (Hairy Coos)

Comp 2 Upper (Watt Cup)
Winner — Honey Badgers (Glasgow)
Runner-up — Mavericks (Manchester)
MVPs:  Teppi Itoh and Debbie Wilson (Honey Badgers)

Comp 2 Lower (Baird Cup)
Winner — Dazzlers (GLMSL)
Runner-up — Chargers (GLMSL)
MVPs:  Isaac Howard and Adaly Perez (Dazzlers)

Rec 1 (Lister Cup)
Winner — Misfits (East Midlands)
Runner-up — Loan Sharks (Sefton Softball League)
MVPs:  Chase Martin (Misfits) and Emma Lott (Loan Sharks)

Rec 2 (Dewar Cup)
Winner — Lucky Strikes (Bristol)
Runner-up — Inglorious Batters (Edinburgh)
MVPs:  Rich Foggarty and Vicky Sully (Lucky Strikes)

Rec 3 (Scott Cup)
Winner — Forgers (Edinburgh)
Runner-up –Vandals (Edinburgh)
MVPs:  Adam Slater and Corrin Belkin (Forgers)

2016 Winners

Mixed NSL Team wins the 2016 Edinburgh Festiball

The Battle Cruisers, made up of players from National Softball League teams Pioneers, Blue Steel and Legends, edged out the Manchester Lions by a score of 12-11 to win the top competition at the 2016 Edinburgh Festiball, played on the weekend of 27-28 August.

The tournament, with 32 teams in four separate competitions, was played in warm sunshine with only a bit of cloud on Saturday morning.

The opportunity was taken at the tournament to present the BSF Hall of Fame trophy to Jim and Karen Murray for long-term services to coaching, and awards were also presented to the teams that finished as winners and runner-up in this season’s inaugural NSL 2 competition: Dodgers and Blitz.


Cup Final:  Battle Cruisers 12, Manchester Lions 11
Plate Final:  A Team (Bristol) 24, Hairy Coos (Glasgow) 9

MVPs:  Natalie Wooley (Battle Cruisers) and Adam Roberts (Lions)

Cup Final:  Honey Badgers 11, Storks 9
Plate Final:  Scorgs 17, Legends 9

MVPs:  Jen Prior and Teppi Ito (Honey Badgers)


Cup Final:  MouseRats (London) 21, Chargers (London ) 14
Plate Final:  Capitals (Edinburgh) 10, Little Fish (Manchester) 6

MVPs:  Emma Ko and Joe Hippensteel (MouseRats)

Cup Final:  Inglorious Batters (Edinburgh) 21, Bolts (Edinburgh) 14
Plate Final:  Flycatchers (Bristol) 15, Game of Throws (London) 14

MVPs:  Billy Anderson and Nicole Bancroft (Inglorious Batters)

2015 Winners – 25th Anniversary

Edinburgh Festiball celebrates 25th Anniversary with whiskey

A beautiful sunny weekend provided the setting for the 25th anniversary edition of the Edinburgh Festiball, held on 28-29 August at Peffermill Fields in Edinburgh.

Thirty-two teams took part – 12 Comp and 20 Rec – and awards were given for eight different competitions named after Scottish whiskeys.

All players received a special memento from the tournament (shown on the right), and former BASU Umpire of the Year Jeff Robinson flew over from Doha to be part of the umpire crew.

Grand Final

The Grand Final, between the Manchester Greensox and the Battle Cruisers, a mix of players from Pioneers and Blue Steel, was a great game watched by around 200 spectators, who participated in the fun between innings by running up and down withscoreboards in exchange for beer.

The Battle Cruisers led 6 – 0 until the fourth inning, but Greensox came back to tie the game with a series of solid base hits. The Cruisers pulled ahead by one, the Sox tied the game again, but the Cruisers took the lead with three runs in the top of the seventh inning, only to see the Greensox come back and score the four they needed to win. The final tally was 12-11.

Competitive Level

Manchester Greensox 12, London Battle Cruisers 11
MVPs:  Sadie Hamilton (Battle Cruisers and Leo Hernandez (Greensox).

Rally Caps (Edinburgh) 12, Terriers (Leeds) 10
MVPs:  Ellie Lane (Terriers) and Brandon Nihmey (Rally Caps).

KKs (London) 13, Cheeky Monkeys (Bristol) 8
MVPs:  Caroline Meads and Jeff Unsworth (KKs).

Recreational Level

Fish (Manchester) 9, Honey Badgers (Glasgow) 6
MVPs:  Sherry Kenyon and Carl McCarthy (Fish).

Fechin Focialas (Edinburgh) 8, Lucky Strikes (Bristol) 7
MVPs:  Lindi Smith and Andrew Owens (Fechin Focialas).

  Mavsmix (Manchester) 17, Dazzlers (London) 15
MVPs:  Kayleigh Chamberlain (Mavsmix) and Gregor McMaster (Dazzlers).

Capitals (Edinburgh) 19, Demons (Edinburgh) 7,
MVPs:  Tara and Dan Hertzfeldt (Capitals).

  MouseRats (London) 18, Forgers (Edinburgh) 10
MVPs:  Emma Ko and Joe Hippensteel (Mouserats).

2014 Winners

Blue Steel warmed up for the Premier Nationals by taking the main trophy, the Pentlands Cup, at the 2014 Edinburgh Festiball, played at Peffermill Fields in Edinburgh on the Bank Holiday weekend of 23-24 August.

Twenty-seven teams competed in four divisions, in generally good weather apart from a few showers on the Saturday.

For a video of the Grand Final, filmed by Phil Kielthy, go to: http://youtu.be/SZOFc44MHVk.


Pentlands Competition

Cup Winner:  Blue Steel (London)
Cup Runner-up:  Greensox (Manchester)
Cup Final:  Blue Steel 10, Greensox 9
MVPs:  Jason Kittinger and Cassie Woodard (Blue Steel)

Plate Winner:  Legends (Glasgow)
Plate Runner-up:  Souls (Edinburgh)
Plate Final:  Legends 13, Souls 4

Braids Competition

Cup Winner:  KKs (London)
Cup Runner-up:  Rally Caps (Edinburgh)
Cup Final:  KKs 12, Rally Caps 10
MVPs:  Nigel Davidson and Caroline Meads (KKs)

Plate Winner:  Chargers (London)
Plate Runner-up:  Cheeky Monkeys (Bristol)
Plate Final:  Chargers 16, Cheeky Monkeys 10

Blackford Competition

Cup Winner:  Lucky Strikes (Bristol)
Cup Runner-up:  Honey Badgers (Glasgow)
Cup Final:  Lucky Strikes 16, Honey Badgers 6
MVPs:  Deb Wilson (Honey Badgers) and Marcus Webb (Lucky Strikes)

Plate Winner:  Demons (Edinburgh)
Plate Runner-up:  Pirates (London)

Calton Competition

Cup Winner:  Highland Chargers (Glasgow)
Cup Runner-up:  Vandals (Edinburgh)
Cup Final:  Highland Chargers 11, Vandals 4
MVPs:  Clare MacManus and Stephen Coll (Highland Chargers)

Plate Winner:  More Nuts (Edinburgh)
Plate Runner-up:  Inglorious Batters (Edinburgh)
Plate Final:  More Nuts 13, Inglorious Batters 12