Edinburgh Festiball

2019 Winners

Travelling Dodgers win Grand Final at sweltering Edinburgh Festiball

Tue 27 Aug 2019

The 29th Edinburgh Festival was played over an extremely hot Bank Holiday weekend on 24-25 August at Peffermill Playing Fields under the towering Arthur’s Seat.

The tournament is split into three levels, and this year eight teams played at Competitive level, eight teams at Intermediate level and 12 teams at Recreational level.

The Grand Final, played as always in front of a large crowd, was won by the Travelling Dodgers, this year’s NSL1 league winners, who defeated the Manchester Mavericks by a score of 23-14.

Here are the full results:


Cup Winner:  Travelling Dodgers (UK)
Cup Runner-up:  Mavericks (Manchester)
Final:  Travelling Dodgers 23, Mavericks 14
MVPs:  Jade Shaw and Justin Maddis (Travelling Dodgers)

Plate Winner:  Honey Badgers (Glasgow)
Plate Runner-up:  Bombers (Liverpool/Manchester)
Final:  Honey Badgers 17, Bombers 3
MVPs:  Deb Wilson and Tyler Spence (Honey Badgers)


Blackford Cup Winner:  Misfits (East Midlands)
Blackford Cup Runner-up:  Sharks (Liverpool)
Final:  Misfits 21, Sharks 4
MVPs:  Katie Jessop and Nicholas Kaczmierczag (Misfits)
Both these teams had stepped up a level from the previous season.

Blackford Plate Winner:  Dazzlers (London)
Blackford Plate Runner-up:  Camels (Manchester)
Final:  Dazzlers 10, Camels 7
MVPs: Suzi Hall and Herling Alvarez (Dazzlers)


Calton Cup Winner:  Gladiators (Jersey)
Calton Cup Runner-up:  Maidenhead Royals (Windsor)
Final:  Gladiators 4, Maidenhead Royals 3
MVPs:  Liz Warner (Maidenhead Royals) and Mat Satchell (Gladiators)

Calton Trophy Winner:  Soft Boiled (London)
Calton Trophy Runner-up:  Beavers (London)
Final:  Soft Boiled 22, Beavers 4
MVPs:  Fiona Shannon (Soft Boiled) and Matt Delima (Beavers)

Calton Plate Winner:  Lucky Strikes (Bristol)
Calton Plate Runner-up:  Fockers (Glasgow)
Final:  Lucky Strikes 13, Fockers 9
MVPs:  Anna Sehn (Fockers) and Tom Russell (Lucky Strikes)


The Grand Final at the tournament between the Travelling Dodgers and Manchester was live-streamed and can be seen here.

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