Edinburgh Festiball

2014 Winners

Blue Steel warmed up for the Premier Nationals by taking the main trophy, the Pentlands Cup, at the 2014 Edinburgh Festiball, played at Peffermill Fields in Edinburgh on the Bank Holiday weekend of 23-24 August.

Twenty-seven teams competed in four divisions, in generally good weather apart from a few showers on the Saturday.

For a video of the Grand Final, filmed by Phil Kielthy, go to: http://youtu.be/SZOFc44MHVk.


Pentlands Competition

Cup Winner:  Blue Steel (London)
Cup Runner-up:  Greensox (Manchester)
Cup Final:  Blue Steel 10, Greensox 9
MVPs:  Jason Kittinger and Cassie Woodard (Blue Steel)

Plate Winner:  Legends (Glasgow)
Plate Runner-up:  Souls (Edinburgh)
Plate Final:  Legends 13, Souls 4

Braids Competition

Cup Winner:  KKs (London)
Cup Runner-up:  Rally Caps (Edinburgh)
Cup Final:  KKs 12, Rally Caps 10
MVPs:  Nigel Davidson and Caroline Meads (KKs)

Plate Winner:  Chargers (London)
Plate Runner-up:  Cheeky Monkeys (Bristol)
Plate Final:  Chargers 16, Cheeky Monkeys 10

Blackford Competition

Cup Winner:  Lucky Strikes (Bristol)
Cup Runner-up:  Honey Badgers (Glasgow)
Cup Final:  Lucky Strikes 16, Honey Badgers 6
MVPs:  Deb Wilson (Honey Badgers) and Marcus Webb (Lucky Strikes)

Plate Winner:  Demons (Edinburgh)
Plate Runner-up:  Pirates (London)

Calton Competition

Cup Winner:  Highland Chargers (Glasgow)
Cup Runner-up:  Vandals (Edinburgh)
Cup Final:  Highland Chargers 11, Vandals 4
MVPs:  Clare MacManus and Stephen Coll (Highland Chargers)

Plate Winner:  More Nuts (Edinburgh)
Plate Runner-up:  Inglorious Batters (Edinburgh)
Plate Final:  More Nuts 13, Inglorious Batters 12

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