Edinburgh Festiball
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Team Registration

Team registration will take place at 08:00am for those teams playing at 8:30am and 9:00am for those lucky enough to get a 9:30 start. A delegate from each team must come along and register the team. Here you can collect your Tournament Pack. There will be NO Captains Meeting.

Peffermill Sports Centre is an Edinburgh University Site and as such has specific rules and Licence requirements to be adhered to We, as organisers, are responsible that these Rules are upheld and we require all participants to do their part to ensure that we will be welcome back to Peffermill.


    Any violation of this will result in confiscation!! – (This will be strictly enforced)
  • Full Bar facilities will be available in the Clubhouse from 12 noon each day!!
  • BATS as per BSF/ASA guidance please ensure you do not bring any illegal bat to the tournament.
  • Ringer Rule If you require to pick up a player, you MUST pick them up from your own Comp OR below – there is a max of 2 permitted and they should play C/ RF. Any team requiring more than 2 players should notify Liz
  • Catering on site. Breakfast served from 8.30am Saturday and Sunday.
  • Toilets and showers will be available during Clubhouse opening hours. Changing rooms available for teams if required.
  • Parking – There is plenty of parking at Peffermill.

Tournament Rules
1. Full ISF rules will apply unless we have a “local rule” exception. NO jewellery will be permitted – you will be called out if it is seen.
2. Games will be timed. No new Inning after 50 min. Reversion of scores will be avoided if at all possible. Teams will be penalised for slow play.
3. Count on batter will be 0:0 at start of At Bat.
4. Text results to Liz win or lose.
5. Finals will be 7 innings in the competitive section. Recreational no new after 1hr 15mins.
6. If bad weather affects the tournament, the Tournament Organiser reserves the right to reformat the Tournament.
7. Home team decided by toss of coin etc at beginning of each game.
8. Once SF / F start highest seed has option of home/away.
9. Blood rule Any player with a bleeding or open wound should leave the field and have wound dressed correctly.
10. Draws permitted in Round Robin.
11. Festiball Grand Final (Pentlands Cup) will be at 5pm approx on Pitch #8
12. Courtesy runners at discretion of opposing team.
13. The event is run under the BSF U18 youth policy. Please adhere to the safety regulations as per their website.
14. No protests will be heard, until £100 fee is lodged with the TC. Disputes will be heard by CC and TC and their decision will be final. Please try to resolve any incidents at the time, as protests can have implications beyond the initial incident!!! Game protests MUST be made prior to the next pitch, ALL information should be recorded, scores, positions, count etc. The protest should be lodged immediately after the game with the TC, and if upheld the game will be replayed from the point of protest.

Competitive Section – depending on entries if possible a Comp 1 and Comp 2  (max 2 NSL) will  be played otherwise 2 groups will be set.

Recreational Section – Teams will be placed usually into 2 groups. Teams playing this level should have a max 1 NSL1 player.